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Program Notes


The title Highlander is given to this work for two reasons. The first reason is due to it’s dedication to the Dunedin Highlander Band in Florida and the second is to evoke an image. The Scottish Highlands are a majestic and awe-inspiring vista full of mystery and a rich history. The birthplace of myth and legend, the Scottish Highlands are a treasure of our beautiful planet. Highlander is my way of honoring that history as well as the achievements made by such a tradition-rich program as the Dunedin Highlander Band. 


Performance Notes


The work begins ominously and builds continuously through fanfare-like motifs until a peak moment at M. 17. This first full statement of the melody should act as an anchor point between sections of the piece. The tempo alteration at M. 24 although changing color and character of the piece should not be rushed. Care should be taken to clearly define the rhythmic accents in the ostinato pattern in the woodwinds and percussion. Care should always be taken to use percussion as a choir which adds color and shape to the rest of the ensemble. M.66 is the next anchor point and as such should be treated as a mild-climax to the first section of the work. Though a tempo mark follows M.76 this is strictly for contrast purposes. All lyrical sections can be treated with a “rubato” at the director’s discretion, however, the tempo Marking at M. 95 should be as similar to the passage at M.17 as possible. The Climax of the piece, M.117 is intended to be slow and metered while maintaining a forward moving momentum and high dynamic level. Moving lines should come through the fpand drive the notes to the next bar line. The ending is written in time but once the ppp note at m. 124 is struck it is intended that the director, at their discretion, manipulate the final note to an agreeable conclusion. I hope that you enjoy the music hidden within these pages.


 I challenge you to breathe life and mystery into this piece, so that it might come close to being worthy of its title.

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