Product #: MCB2005
Grade: 5.0
List Price: $95.00

Program Notes


Intended to be a fiery dance, Radiant has all the drama and intensity I think of with the rising sun. The brilliance and power of our star illuminating the Earth each day is at once spectacular and terrifying.


Radiant was inspired by my fascination with the prevalence of the Phrygian Dominant scale throughout the world’s music. Used in many different ways this scale has a versatility that is intoxicating for a composer. I have also been fascinated with the rhythmic embellishments in Klezmer which is a highly improvisational Jewish musical genre from Eastern Europe. The scale has also been used in many different cultures in dances. Radiant is my excuse to explore this scale as well as a difficulty level of music that I don’t often get to write in. I am a very melodically driven composer, so a melodic dance seems to be where this work leveled out. 

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