Bring to Light

Product #: ICB2006
Grade: 2.5
List Price: $65.00

Program Notes


Bring to Light is the end product from a commission giveaway from 2019. This giveaway was, and will continue to be a way for me to give back to those who have supported my music. If you are interested in contests like this one, please make sure to visit my site: or various social media platforms for announcements.

Program Notes


Bring to Light is my attempt to depict the emotion and awe of unearthing the ancient stone that served as a metaphorical foundation for the new school building of the commissioning body. I used this inspiration to think of how powerful a “revealing” light can be. Whether for discovery, emphasis or truth, shining a light on something is a very important concept in our daily lives, as well as our history. Bring to Light is my musical interpretation of this concept. It is my hope that this work will serve not only as a vehicle for musical expression but also as a means to introduce deeper concepts and ideas for your students and audience. 

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