A Heart to Treasure

Product #: RCB1901
Grade: 3.5
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A Heart to Treasure is a composition that uses some melodic material from an Irish air, also known as Bruach na Carriage Báine(loosely translating to “The Edge of the White Rock”). This melodic material has been used often throughout history for many different styles. Love songs, songs of war, songs of political strife etc. I did not attempt to hold any of these to account when writing this. 


Though the piece has it’s own bit of drama built in to it I wanted it to be as fluid as the original source material has been. It is not particularly happy, and at times it is even a bit melancholy, however, the climax of the piece transitions momentary to a major-harmonic center. Whether that is a triumphant victory, a glimpse at love, or just momentary reprieve I will leave that up to the performer and the listener. 

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