Ringtone Christmas

Product #: PCB2005
Grade: 0.5
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Program Notes


Ringtone Christmas came about after years of asking audience members before a performance to “please silence your cell phones”. Every so often a rogue cell phone will ring during a performance. Naturally, we roll with the punches because let's face it, stuff happens, and one little ringtone won't ruin a performance. I then had a dream about what it would be like if a perfect storm of ringers went off during a performance. Band kids are awesome, so of course they would take the minor inconvenience in stride and continue on with that time-honored saying “The show must go on!”, and even make the ringtones part of their performance! Ringtone Christmas is a theatrical envisioning of that thought. 


Notes to the performer


This piece uses audience participation (or sound drops) to create a holiday concert theatrical performance! Using cell phones in the audience, reenact my whacky dream of a perfect storm of ringtones going off at inopportune moments in the music. Eventually, realize that “Stuff Happens” and rip and roar to the end with all the gusto of a broadway finale! Have fun, go over the top and your audience will have a blast! See the next page for detailed instructions on the performance. Feel free to make this your own and see what cool ideas you can come up with.

Special Instructions

Ringtone Christmas is an interactive work. Inside you will find a detailed instruction sheet and script, along with instructions not he score. Utilize the cellphones of your audience for musical effect! 


Score Video

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