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New: Sea Shanty Saga

Grade 2.5-3

In response to the TikTok Craze I wrote 4 Sea Shanties for various 4-part ensembles. Flex Version, String Quartet, Saxophone Quartet, Clarinet Quartet and Brass Quartet! These are great fun, perfect for festival, or performance.

The year 2020 has be unbelievably challenging in so many ways. I wanted to do something for all of the directors out there fighting for your students. It might be a small gesture, but it comes from he heart. Please accept this Flex piece from me to you. I hope that it can be useful to you and your students as you navigate the Spring Semester. I hope soon that we will be able to make music together safely. Just click the link below to get your score and parts!

Much Love,
Tyler Arcari


New Flex Piece!

Gothic - Gr. 1.5

I am proud to work for a company so dedicated to getting resources out there for music educators! Gothic is my 3rd piece in Excelcia Music Publishing's "Flexcel" series. 

New Works for 2020-2021

Because Extraordinary Times Require Extraordinary Flexibility...


I know from my time in the classroom how uncertain numbers of students can impact your performance goals. Explore some of my works that have been designed to help your students be successful, while also reaching those performance goals. 

Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 5.09.27 PM.png

Introducing E-book! 

The perfect solution for distance learning, E-book subscriptions provide digital online access to our popular and flexible books.  For the affordable price of a single year-long E-book subscription, you obtain the ability to distribute the books virtually to all of your students.  E-books can be used by students at home -- or anywhere -- without worry of copies or copyright.  In addition, each E-book subscription comes with exclusive access to play-along tracks for practice. Plus a digital audio recorder is included, allowing students to make recordings of themselves to share with their teachers and classmates for feedback and evaluation, an indispensable tool for maintaining connections among students and teachers.

Video Highlights!

World Premiere- Phoenix
The Louisville Winds - Conductor Nan Moore
The Midwest Music Clinic - Chicago December, 2019

Solar Flare!
Berkner High School - Jason Schayot, Director
Spring Concert, May 2nd 2019

Ai Hai Yo - Arranged by Tyler Arcari
Unknown All County Orchestra
They are awesome! If Anyone knows from where let me know!



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