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World Premiere Performance Midwest Clinic in Chicago Dec. 19th, 2019

Louisville Winds- Nan Moore, Director


Excited to announce that my fanfare Lest We Forget is
a 2019 Winner of the Dallas Wind's "Call for Fanfares"

Gryphon aded to the Mississippi and Kentucky state assessment list.

Highlander added to the Alabama and Ohio state lists

Tempt the Machine added to the Ohio and NC State Lists

Curse of Tortuga Added to the Ohio State List

A Heart to Treasure selected for Bandworld's top 100


NEW Virginia MPA List

Anthem of Triumph - VA-1

Tempt the Machine - VA-2
Mission Control - VA-3

A Heart to Treasure - VA-3

Highlander - VA-4
When We Go - VA-5
Ai Hai Yo (String Och) - VA-3