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Free Commission & Giveaway Contest: Concert Band Gr. 1.5

Here's your
chance to win!

By hitting submit, you will be given a link to the free Chorale as a Dropbox with PDF and Mp3: Drawing for the winning "Commissioning ensemble" and 9 other winning groups will be done on March 30th Via Tyler Arcari's Facebook Page Live

Contest Rules:

1. Selected ensemble will participate in a new music commission process to create a grade 1.5 work for concert band - free.

2. The Composer retains all copyright and usage/performance rights, as well as the ability to alter the work after delivery for commercial publication.
3. 9 other ensembles will be selected after the "commissioning ensemble" to gain access to the work once it is complete. Each ensemble will get exclusive use of this work until May 2025 prior to commercial publication.

4. All participating submissions gain access to a free warm-up chorale. The free chorale should not be shared and is a benefit of signing up for the contest.

5. Contest winners may not share the work beyond their own ensembles.

6. Only one entry per ensemble is allowed (Sorry assistant band directors!)

7. A Valid Email Address is necessary to contact the winner, and therefore necessary to enter into the contest.

Hitting Submit certifies that you have read and agree to the terms listed above.


Concert Band & String Orchestra

Books, Flexible Music, Sea Shanties!

Thanks for signing up!

Concert Band


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Books & Methods


The Complete Warm-Up for Band

The Complete Warm-Up For Band is the quintessential method for preparing your ensemble for rehearsal & performance. Created by well-known Composers and Music Educators Carol Brittin Chambers & Tyler Arcari, The Complete Warm-Up for Band creates an easy to use system that can be implemented with any amount of time, while still accomplishing a well-balanced and complete warm-up. Whether you have 2 minutes or 20 minutes The Complete Warm-Up for Band has everything you need for a well-balanced and complete start to any rehearsal or performance!

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