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The Complete Warm-Up
for Band

A Modular Approach to Fundamental Development
By Carol Brittin Chambers & Tyler Arcari

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The Complete Warm-Up For Band is the quintessential method for preparing your ensemble for rehearsal & performance. Created by well-known Composers and Music Educators Carol Brittin Chambers & Tyler Arcari, The Complete Warm-Up for Band creates an easy to use system that can be implemented with any amount of time, while still accomplishing a well-balanced and complete warm-up. Whether you have 2 minutes or 20 minutes The Complete Warm-Up for Band has everything you need for a well-balanced and complete start to any rehearsal or performance!

Adaptable Ensemble Series

Flexible collections of duets, trios and quartets that can be played with any combination of instrument.


The Adaptable Ensemble Series contains newly-composed or arranged duets, trios or quartets that can be flexibly used with any combination of wind & percussion instruments (in the Wind series) or string instruments (in the Strings series), making them an instant favorite in the modern classroom.  Written by dedicated educators and composers for grades 1.5 to 3, they are perfect for recitals and festival adjudications. You will find that the duets are fun to play and musically stimulating!

Solo Performance Collection

18 Festival Solos with Piano Accompaniment


Solo Performance Collection is a fresh new performance resource for soloists by popular composers Larry Clark and Tyler Arcari. This collection, written at a 1.5-3.5 grade level, has many varying works suitable for any type of performance, including recitals or adjudicated festival events. Each book, professionally recorded - also includes MP3 Piano Play-along tracks and PDF Piano Accompaniment parts, available as a free download from the Wingert-Jones Publications website. Larry and Tyler use their experience as composers and music educators to write music that works!

Accessible Solo Repertoire

18 Festival Solos with Piano Accompaniment


Accessible Solo Repertoire contains eighteen newly composed or arranged solos with piano accompaniment written at grades 2 to 2.5. Written by one of the most popular composers of music for students today, Larry Clark, and the talented up and coming composer Tyler Arcari, these solos will add something new, fresh, and different to your solo repertoire. Larry and Tyler use their experience as music educators to write solos that are fun to play and musically stimulating. These solos are perfect for use at an adjudicated solo festival or recital. Each book comes with beautifully set solo parts. Piano accompaniment parts, full recordings, and piano only recordings of each piece are available for download from the Excelcia Music Publishing website.

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