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Very Easy – Easy (Gr. 0.5–1.5)



Grade 0.5 - Wingert-Jones Publications


Abstraction is a quick-spirited, dramatic new work for beginning string orchestra. Using only the first six notes of the D Major scale, Tyler Arcari brings us an intense work suitable for a concert opener, or closer. Natural bowing and some basic Pizz. technique will have your orchestra playing strong and sounding great!



Christmas Ringtones
Grade 0.5 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC


Set your beginners up for success this Christmas with this interactive work! Full of theatrics and audience participation, it’s a winning combination of function and flair! Using only the first six notes in the D scale (and a few random ringtones on your personal device), this piece is perfect for reinforcing musical fundamentals as well as being a great icebreaker for your beginners’ first performance. A definite crowd pleaser!



Aliens in the Attic
Grade 0.5 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC


Aliens are here! This exciting new work is full of sound effects, drama, and suspense! Tyler Arcari weaves a dramatic tale of an Alien invasion from above…your attic to be exact! Your students will be asking to play this one over and over!


Grade 1.0 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC

Tyler Arcari brings us a driving contest piece that is sure to keep your students motivated. Cinematic-like orchestra hits and biting rhythms make for a fun experience, while lyrical contrast in the B-section is perfect for introducing expressive playing. Your students will ask to play this one over and over!


Grade 0.5 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC

"Exciting and intense from start to finish, Threshold doesn't hold back. Driving and fun, the work has moments of lyrical expressiveness using only the first six notes of the D major scale."


Qin Shi's Stone Army
Grade 1.0 - Carl Fischer Music, LLC

"The Terra-Cotta Army that guards the tomb of China's first emperor Qin Shi Huang is nearly 8,000 warriors strong. This new piece for beginning ensembles is set to depict these magnificent stone soldiers. It will sound rich and full, even with less experienced players."


Anthem of Triumph
Grade 0.5 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC

"Anthem of Triumph is for all of the students who have made it to their first spring concert! Utilizing only the first six notes of the D-major scale, this exciting anthem will inspire young musicians. Perfect for beginners or as a celebration piece for events."

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 12.05.43

A Torch Was Brought
Grade 1.5 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC

"This setting of the 17th-century Christmas carol Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella will be a great addition to your holiday library. Full of musical opportunities, young musicians will find ample opportunities to grow. Perfect for a winter concert."

Medium Easy - Medium Advanced (Gr. 2.0 - 4.0)



Carol of the Rising Bells
Grade 2.0 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC


Open your next holiday concert with this impactful and clever pairing of two folk tunes: House of the Rising Sun and Ukrainian Bell Carol. It begins ominously and proceeds to combine both tunes in a special way. Arranged for developing orchestra, this is sure to add something unique to your winter program.


Coming Back
Grade 2.0 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC

Commissioned during Covid-19, this work is meant to inspire us as we “Come Back” to normal. Hopeful, and mostly upbeat, the work has moments of tension and sadness that underscore the year that we have had through music. We all hope to get back to normal soon, and Coming Back is a perfect anthem for that sentiment.


Grade 2.5 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC

"Hauntingly beautiful, soaring melodies are passed to all players, featuring the violas prominently. Solos for all sections make this a great teaching piece for the developing string ensemble, with a rubato style that will stretch their musicianship as an ensemble."

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 12.06.14

Ai Hai Yo
Grade 2.0 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC

"This Chinese folk song is used as a blessing for a bountiful harvest and a good year. Folk songs speak to the common man. Hardships and hope abound when we all realize that something as simple as a few notes in time can bridge the gap of thousands of years of cultural differences and distance across our large planet."


Desert Winds
Grade 2.5 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC

"Inspired by the rugged landscape of the deserts of the American West where the wind across the flat earth sings an eerie tune. This soundscape is the composer's attempt to put this idea into sound."


Curse of Tortuga
Grade 2.5 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC

"During the 17th century, Tortuga was a veritable headquarters and hideout for pirates! This drama is brought to life in a mysterious and fast-paced piece for string orchestra. Young musicians and audiences will enjoy all the intrigue of swashbucklers and thieves."



Sea Shanty Saga
Grade 3.5 - Wingert-Jones Publications

Who would have thought that sea shanties would have caused a huge social media craze? These 3 classic yet timely shanties are scored for String Orchestra. These are also perfectly suitable for festival performance in addition to the countless other applications of this fun and energetic music!


The Garden
Grade 2.0 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC


Written for a dear friend and her social media posts about her cool Florida garden, Tyler Arcari crafts a heart-felt tribute perfectly suited for contest and festival. Very Copland-like, very accessible, along with lots of opportunities for expressive and contest-style playing.



Beyond the Veil
Grade 4 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC

Beyond the Veil is an exciting and intense new work for String Orchestra. Full of all the drama and intrigue we have come to expect from Tyler. Perfect as an opener or concert closer!

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