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Very Easy – Easy (Gr. 0.5–1.0)



Grade 0.5 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC


The Swarm is here! Creepy crawlies with wings blot the sky in this exciting and sound-effect-filled new work for the earliest of ensembles. Using only the first 6 notes of the Bb scale, Tyler Arcari brings us directly to the hive! Set them up for success and watch them ask to play it again and again!



Primetime Parade (March)
Grade 0.5 - Wingert-Jones Publications


Looking to introduce beginners to march style? Look no further than Primetime Parade! This piece is specifically written using the first 6 notes of the Bb scale, making it the ideal starting point for those just beginning to explore this unique musical style.


Aliens in the Attic
Grade 0.5 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC


Aliens are here! This exciting new work is full of sound effects, drama, and suspense! Tyler Arcari weaves a dramatic tale of an Alien invasion from above…your attic to be exact! Your students will be asking to play this one over and over!


Grade 0.5 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC


Using only the first six notes of the Bb scale, composer/arranger Tyler Arcari found a way to combine, in quodlibet, four classic carols into a delightful setting for the youngest of band musicians. Your first-year students will shine as they delight audiences with I Saw Three Ships, Patapan, in Dulci Jubilo, and Deck the Halls.


Breaking Free
Grade 0.5 - Wingert-Jones Publications


Written to describe the feeling of waking up after an annoying dream, Breaking Free is an intense concert opener. With semi-lyrical writing in the middle of the work, students will have an opportunity to show off their musicianship as well as their strong, aggressive playing.


Anthem of Triumph
Grade 0.5 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC

"Anthem of Triumph is for all of the students who have made it to their first spring concert! Utilizing only the first 6 notes of the Bb-major scale, composer Tyler Arcari has crafted an exciting anthem for young musicians." 


Ringtone Christmas
Grade 0.5 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC

"Set your beginners up for success this Christmas with an interactive new work for beginning band. Full of theatrics and audience participation, Ringtone Christmas is a winning combination of function and flair!" 



Full Force Fanfare
Grade 1.0 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC

Full Force Fanfare is an electrifying and dynamic tour de force for young band by composer Tyler Arcari. Pure excitement from the start leads to a wonderful short lyrical-style section in the middle making Full Force Fanfare the "Full" experience. They'll want to play this one over and over!


Against the Storm
Grade 1.0 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC

Imagine being on a boat at sea, only to catch a glimpse of a slowly approaching storm in the distance. Audiences will hear the rain, ship bells, and the sounds of the crew battle against the storm in this exciting, intense, and sophisticated work for beginning musicians. This one is a hit!


A Song of Stone and Steel
Grade 1.0 - Wingert-Jones Publications

A Song of Stone and Steel is an exciting new work for beginning band by composer Tyler Arcari. Intense and with a minor sound, this new work is guaranteed to excite and motivate your young musicians!


Qin Shi's Stone Army
Grade 1.0 - Carl Fischer Music, LLC

"The Terracotta army that guards the tomb of China's first emperor Qin Shi Huang is nearly 8,000 warriors strong. This new piece for beginning ensembles is set to depict these magnificent stone soldiers."


Aurora Eclipsed
Grade 1.0 - Carl Fischer Music, LLC

"Aurora Eclipsed was inspired by the solar eclipse of 2017.  During a solar eclipse, a beautiful and fascinating aurora forms around the moon creating an eerie outline. This “ring of fire” is actually the sun’s outer edges being revealed to the human eye." 


Grade 1.0 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC

"Exciting and intense from start to finish, Threshold doesn’t hold back! Your percussion section will be fully engaged with color and impact points while each section in the band has a moment to carry the melody." 


Grade 1.0 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC

Inspired by the legend of Jack the Ripper, Ripper takes on a whole new meaning with clever sound effects. Using scrap paper, composer Tyler Arcari added sections where the ensemble “Rips” those pieces of paper in half, creating a fun and exciting concert experience!


A Torch Was Brought
Grade 1.0 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC

"This setting of the 17th century Christmas carol, Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella, will be a great addition to your holiday library. Full of musical possibilities, young musicians will find ample opportunities to grow. Perfect for any holiday concert."

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Easy – Medium Easy (Gr. 1.5–2.5)



Grade 1.5 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC

Imagine flying down the streets at breakneck speed! This high-wire work for developing bands is an intense ride from start to finish! Easy 8th-note patterns create an anchor-point for this work while a clever use of percussion equipment, upper brass "honks", and cool harmonic tension transport you directly behind the wheel!



Rising Warrior
Grade 1.5 - Wingert-Jones Publications

Tyler Arcari has done it again! You haven't heard Scarborough Fair like this! Mashing together a fan-favorite the Ukrainian Bell Carol and the timeless folk song Greensleeves brings together a hauntingly neat new story for Scarborough Fair. Students and audiences are going to love this one!


Merry Wayfaring Stranger
Grade 1.5 - Wingert-Jones 

Tyler Arcari has a knack for smashing un-related tunes together, especially for Christmas! This clever new addition to Tyler’s chaotic caroling is no exception. Musicians will love the drama in this work, as they mix Poor Wayfaring Stranger with the likes of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and Patapan. This will be the star of your next holiday program!


Rising Warrior
Grade 1.5 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC

Rising Warrior is a solid contest/festival style piece for developing band. Composer Tyler Arcari knows how to score for young bands to make them sound huge and sonorous. Perfect for festival adjudication, there is a lot to teach in this piece while still being fun and accessible. A solid hit year-round.


Fortress of Stone
Grade 1.5 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC

Developing bands will shine with this daring new piece from composer Tyler Arcari. It hits you right out of the gate and contains many musically contrasting sections that will help to improve the musicianship of your students. Great melodic and harmonic material equal a stunning piece.



Grade 2.5 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC


Anomaly is a high-wire tour de force for the developing band. Catchy motifs, cool sound effects, and plenty to stretch the musicianship of your ensemble. Supremely exciting, composer Tyler Arcari takes us on a wild ride from start to finish! 



Amparito Roca
Grade 2.0 - Wingert-Jones Publications


Tyler Arcari brings us the first truly accessible grade 2 version of this classic standard. Amparito Roca has become one of the most well-loved and played marches in the concert band medium and now even more musicians can experience this wonderful Spanish March.



Defender's Oath
Grade 2.5 - Wingert-Jones Publications


The legends of old tell of brave knights, sworn to protect and defend, who vanquished dragons and saved people from tyranny. This new work for developing band, inspired by a 15th century piece titled "Agincourt Carol", is a wonderful fantasy written by Tyler Arcari. From exciting tutti sections, accessible solo moments, courtly brass fanfares and lush woodwind choirs - Defender's Oath has something for everyone. 


Cornerstone (March)
Grade 2 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC


To Soar with Broken Wings was commissioned in memory of Alex McClurg, a young man lost too soon. A Celebration of life, and a reminder that no matter what struggles you might face, you can still soar.


Grade 2.5 - Wingert-Jones Publications


The composer’s love for fantasy video games is on full display in this inspired work! Fascinated with the creation of Legends, Tales, and Lore that accompanies mystical worlds – Tyler Arcari has given us a new contest/festival style work that students will love to play.


Tempt the Machine
Grade 1.5 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC

"Have you ever wondered how everything in the world seems to be both chaotic and organized all at once? Composer Tyler Arcari brings this idea to life with Tempt the Machine."


Grade 2.5 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC


Talk about starting out with a bang! Flashpoint is a true barnburner for young bands with lots of aggressive playing in this rock-infused tour de force. Pure fun and joy for your players from start to finish.


To Soar With Broken Wings
Grade 2.5 - Wingert-Jones Publications


To Soar with Broken Wings was commissioned in memory of Alex McClurg, a young man lost too soon. A Celebration of life, and a reminder that no matter what struggles you might face, you can still soar.


Capstone (March)
Grade 2.0 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC

"Young bands will enjoy playing this traditional march. Lots of dynamic changes and built-in color will have your audiences clapping in no time. A melodic horn part and moving low brass lines will keep everyone in the band interested and sounding their best!"


House of the Rising Bells
Grade 2.0 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC

"Open your next holiday concert with this impactful and clever pairing of two folk tunes: House of the Rising Sun and the Ukrainian Bell Carol." 


Grade 1.5 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC

"Inspired by the Gothic artists of the 12th century, this exciting new work for concert band explores lots of musical ideas. From independant playing to contrapuntal melodic lines, Gothic delivers a well-rounded concert experience." 


Grade 1.5 - Carl Fischer Music, LLC

"The title refers to a worker who assisted a blacksmith with his craft, wielding a hammer and shaping iron to their will. The dark and harsh atmosphere is enhanced by percussive sounds of their demanding craft." 


Mission Control
Grade 2.0 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC

"Take a musical journey into space with composer Tyler Arcari in this action-packed concert work. Mission Control depicts the fine men and women of the legendary “Houston” control center as they prepare to launch a rocket full of astronauts into space." 


Bring to Light
Grade 2.5 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC

"Hauntingly beautiful, Bring to Light is an emotional uncovering of sorts, rife with dramatic effect. Stretch musicianship and expressiveness of your ensemble with this heartfelt ballad."


All the While
Grade 2.0 - Carl Fischer Music, LLC

"Tender and moving, this touching piece can have a special personal meaning to each person that hears it. The overall lyric style is given a brief rest as the middle section lifts the mood and delivers a bit of fun." 


Hard Rock Fanfare
Grade 1.5 - Carl Fischer Music, LLC

"As the title suggests, this emphatic fanfare for beginning band is rock infused for a fresh-sounding concert opening. The active rhythmic figures combine with memorable angular melodic figures to propel this piece to its distinctively dramatic conclusion."


The Snake Pit
Grade 1.5 - Carl Fischer Music, LLC

"Everyone remembers the first time that they saw a snake. Though fascinating to some and terrifying to others, few animals are as universally mesmerizing."



(At the Battle of Agincourt)
Grade 2.0 - Excelcia Music Publishing

Based on the tune Agincourt Carol, composer Tyler Arcari crafted an intense and dramatic work called Courage (At the Battle of Agincourt). The court intrigue is on full display and there are ample opportunities for each section and each musician to shine. This one is a winner!


Grade 2.0 - Carl Fischer Music, LLC

"This piece is appropriately named, as the music is as spirited and flowing as the wind. While written in a classic overture form, the flowing nature and fresh harmonies make it something different altogether."


Grade 2.0 - Carl Fischer Music, LLC

"The legend and times of King Arthur are inspiration for this vivid musical portrayal. The music begins quietly, recreating the air of mystery that surrounds the mystical island of Avalon."


Coming Back

Grade 2.5 - Excelcia Music Publishing
Hopeful and heartfelt, Coming Back was commissioned during Covid-19.  Written in a contest-festival format, this work is meant to inspire us as we return to “normal.”


Guardians of the Vanguard
Grade 1.5 - Excelcia Music Publishing

Inspired by the composer’s love of video games, specifically Destiny, this piece is a great introduction to the ABA form.  The middle section, lyrical yet still driving, is an opportunity for expressive playing. Whether for contest and festival or for their spring concert, your students will love playing Guardians of the Vanguard.

Medium – Advanced (Gr. 3.0–5.0)



Grade 3.5 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC


This new, semi-programmatic work depicts the journey of hot air balloons from their beautiful and hauntingly calm field glows to their ascent into the clouds. Wonderful harmonic movements and clever impact points, as well as optional visual elements, make this work a theatrical experience fit for wowing your audiences. Take a skyward journey with composer Tyler Arcari!



Ascendant (Fanfare)
Grade 4.5 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC


This triumphant fanfare comes out of the gate swinging! Full of infectious woodwind licks and brass sections, this fanfare has it all, and in a compact package of 2 minutes! Fast & furious and fit for any concert opener or a fiery closer, Tyler Arcari has knocked this one out of the park!


A Christmas Tiding
Grade 4 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC


A roaring combination of ‘Twas in the Moon of Wintertime and God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen. After a subtle lush opening the piece is off and running in a fantastic 7/8 groove that is bold and aggressive. It is well-scored and will make your symphonic band sound outstanding.


Sea Shanty Saga
Grade 3.5 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC


This re-envisioning of Composer/Arranger Tyler Arcari’s widely successful small ensemble works of the same name puts a modern twist on timeless music. Set up in a small 3-movmenet suite, Sea Shanty Saga is the type of work that will stand the test of time. A roaring 6/8 first movement leads to a breathtakingly haunting second movement and concludes with a fiery mash of two popular shanties. Completely new, yet old at the same time, this one is a hit.


Fractures in Time
Grade 4 - Wingert-Jones Publications


Looking at the world you start to notice not everything is modern. In fact, you can see bits and pieces of tech, objects, tools, structures that are from a time long past…peppered around our daily lives. These fractures in time remind us that we are not always completely modern. This sentiment is on full musical display in this unique and fresh offering from composer Tyler Arcari.

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 9.16.58 AM.png

Grade 3.5 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC

"Sweeping and cinematic, this composition will have musicians and audiences picturing the awe-inspiring Scottish Highlands. Traditional Scottish sound elements are intentionally avoided in order to bring a fresh harmonic and melodic perspective to this extremely attractive work."


Grade 3 - Wingert-Jones Publications


Beacons was written to celebrate the career of a legendary teacher from Alabama. She has been a champion for small school bands and created one of the most renowned band programs in the state. Her motto is “Be a Light”.


Grade 3.0 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC

"Based off the Greek legend of the Phoenix, this piece will excite musicians and audiences alike. Full of fast-paced rhythmic interest, Phoenix is exhilarating from start to finish." 


Grade 3.5 - Carl Fischer Music, LLC

"Named for a legendary creature that appears in many cultures over thousands of years, this work represents this fascinating legend in grand fashion." 


Amazing Grace
Grade 3.0 - Carl Fischer Music, LLC

"This moving hymn has long been a staple in celebrations of life and for comfort in moments of sorrow; this setting is meant as a celebration of the life of a fellow musician and composer." 


Grade 5.0 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC

"Inspired by the Phrygian dominant scale's commonality in several dance styles, here is an intense concert work for advanced ensembles. Brisk melodic lines and embellishments are paired with an infectious dance rhythm that propels this work from beginning to end."


Endless Daylight
Grade 3.5 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC


Every emotion imaginable is conjured up by this dynamic composition. It contains emotional lyrical music, heavy rock influence music, and is intense from start to finish. Everything about this piece feels so right – pure excitement!


Solar Flare
Grade 3.5 - Carl Fischer Music, LLC

"Brilliant and hard driving, this work is as fascinating as the profound solar event it's named for. The spectacular outburst of light and energy on the surface of the sun is mirrored through the intense and unrelenting drive that begins with percussion."


A Heart to Treasure
Grade 3.5 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC

"This beautifully expressive composition is loosely based on an old Irish air. The beautiful motifs and interesting harmonic progressions enhance the melodic fragments for a sensitive musical expression that will surely impress." 


To Be Found
Grade 3.0 - Carl Fischer Music, LLC

"Inspired by Nelson Mandela's powerful quote, this is expressive and inspiring music that won't fail to impress. There are numerous opportunities for interpretation as the material develops and grows, leading to the passionate and emotional climax."


The Last to Fall
Grade 3.0 - Carl Fischer Music, LLC

"A gorgeously expressive composition that depicts the changing of the seasons from summer to fall to winter." 


The Angels Call
Grade 3.5 - Excelcia Music Publishing

Written to commemorate the life of a young woman tragically taken too soon, The Angels Call is inspired by the 3-note Ship bell figure played at football games. Using original music as well as the well-known hymn It is Well With My Soul and folk song Loch Lomond, this one will tug at the heartstrings.


Grade 3.0 - Carl Fischer Music, LLC

"As you can tell by the title, this robust work evokes the thrilling sounds of the American Southwest. Rousing themes revive the glory days of the American cowboy and all the trials and tribulations of living in this rustic but unforgiving frontier." 


When We Go
Grade 4.0 - Excelcia Music Publishing, LLC

"An introspection on our time here on earth, dedicated to friends and loved ones lost. The composer weaves an expressive personal tale with emotional passages unfolding throughout the piece."

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