State Festival Lists

I'm continuously honored and excited to share these works, which are available for performance at adjudicated festival in the following states. All music selection is up to date as of June 2019 and will be updated periodically throughout the year. If you wish to play my music at festival but do not have needed materials for requesting permission, please contact me and I will work with you to make it happen! I hope that you find something on this list that is musically relevant to your musicians! 


All the While– D List

Qin Shi’s Stone Army– D List

Amazing Grace– C List

Zephyr– C List

Highlander– BB List

Tempt the Machine - Gr. 1


North Carolina

Avalon– Gr. 2.5

Stryker– Gr. 1.5

Tempt the Machine– Gr. 1.5
Threshold - Gr. 1

Gothic - Gr. 2


Texas (UIL)

Qin Shi’s Stone Army– Gr. 1

Qin Shi’s Stone Army– Gr. 1 – String Orchestra
Ai Hai Yo - Gr. 2 - String Orchestra

Ai Hai Yo - Gr. 1 - Treble Voices 

Curse of Tortuga - Gr. 3 Saxophone Quintet

L'alcenagina -  Gr. 3 Saxophone Quartet



Qin Shi’s Stone Army– Gr. 1



Qin Shi’s Stone Army– Gr. 1



Gryphon-  Gr. 4



Highlander– Class B

Tempt the Machine– Class C

Curse of Tortuga(String Orchestra) – Class C


Gryphon-  Gr. 4


Anthem of Triumph - VA-1

Tempt the Machine - VA-2
Mission Control - VA-3

A Heart to Treasure - VA-3

Highlander - VA-4
When We Go - VA-5
Ai Hai Yo (String Och) - VA-3


Anthem of Triumph (String Orchestra) - CA- 1/2 (0.5)

Ai Hai Yo (String Ochestra) - CA-2