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Coming to Terms with Success

Success is personal

At one some point in our lives most of us have pondered what makes us successful. Some people consider lavish lifestyles, big paychecks, large families, important careers successful. However, if you want to be good at something you have to come to terms with a few things:

1: You can’t ever be “good enough”. The second you think you are, is the moment you stop getting better.

2: You have to practice...all the time.

3: failure is good. If you aren’t having a good deal of it from time to time something is up.

4: Don’t compare your success to someone else’s. Success is personal. your craft to someone else all day and improve when you see someone doing better!

5: Don’t try to rush getting better. If you are really worried about being good at something I hate to break it to you but you’ll never be satisfied with your art/craft/etc.

6: good luck! A lot of your success, opportunities etc. will be determined by it! Just remember #3 and #4 above and you’ll be good!

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